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Air Conditioning Repair Manassas VA

Air Conditioning Repair / April 4, 2021

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the incredible service you provided. I recently had my heat pump break. I called a competitor of Twin Air to come and repair it. The technician instructed me that it could not be fixed due to a faulty compressor. He then gave me a quote to replace the system at a price of $4000. I was shocked by the amount and that he could not fix the problem. I then called twin air and was greeted on the phone with a lovely office girl who scheduled a technician to come out and assess the situation. The technician was extremely professional, clean cut, dressed the part, and provided me with a a level of service I have not received in a long time. The technician took 30 minutes to assess and fix my heat pump. The compressor wasn't bad instead I needed a $60 part to fix the problem. I was shocked that the other company lied to me about the problem. Twin Air did not guarantee that anything else would not break but at least they fixed it rather than try to sell me something I did not need at the time. One thing is certain, that when my heat pump, air conditioner, or plumbing breaks, I will be calling Twin Air and no one else. Thank you again for the awesome job.

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