IMGP1925cm Washington 1977 Honda Civic

Honda Civic Air Conditioning Repair

Average mileage: 81, 526 (110–275, 000)

22 model years affected: 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998,

299 people reported this problem

A/C was blowing warm air, intermitten at first, then just warm air. Had a/c compressor, receiver drier, replaced. At the time hoses, condenser, evaporator were said to be fine. Worked fine for 3 months, but it didn't seem to get as cool as before. Now hot, and I mean hot air is blowing through the drivers side vents, and the passanger side vents seem to be fine. Does not matter if auto or dual climate is on. Tried to manually use fan & a/c, at different temperatures, does not matter. I've read about the a/c condenser problems, but if this was the case, wouldn't blow hot through all the vents? I've been told that there is a ambient air temperature sensor located in the front of my vehicle, and this could get damaged or stop working and cause this. Haven't looked at this part yet, but will try. Someone mentioned the air blend door, and I will check this out to. If anyone knows a fix or has an idea, I'm open to finding this out.

Just bought a brand new 2013 Honda Accord. I have been a loyal Honda customer my entire life. My a/c was not cooling, so I returned to the dealership where I bought it. I was told a rock hit my condenser, all of the freon leaked out, and the condenser would have to be replaced. The condenser part will cost approximately $135, but with installation it will cost $650! After all of my research online it appears this is a wide-spread problem with the design and Honda is actually making money off of the defect by charging outrageous service fees to fix the problem. It disgusts me to think this could happen again and again and again!!! So I will need to continue to pay this much money each time road debris hits my car??? Furious that Honda will not fix this flaw!

I am assisting my friend with this same issue. Sounds like a common problem...I had never heard such a crazy explanation and thought the dealer was full of it. Got the car in November and 1st time using the A/C it did not work. The advisor explained (without opening the hood) that a rock likely damaged the compressor and it is a $700 customer pay repair, not covered in warranty. BRAND NEW CAR.

Wow, so I contacted the District Manager and before I could explain what happened he also brought up the "road debris" scenario unsolicited. So this is TWO people volunteering up that it might be damaged from something hitting it. Sounds like a very well-trained staff covering for a design flaw. Wow. Well I referred her to hammer on Customer Care and awaiting the results of that. Wow I cannot believe this is so common, clearly it is a known issue at Honda. Likely not driving any repeat business off of this one.