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Air Conditioning Repair / July 26, 2014

My husband and I are 89 years old. In July 2014 we purchased a new 13ACX air conditioner and a el296d furnace from a dealer who is now out of business. The year it was installed we complained the house was not cooling in parts of the home and the temperature showing on the the thermostat never got to the setting we had it on which was 73 degrees. The now out-of-business dealer added another vent to an already well ventilated room, much to our disagreement. We never were happy and I called Lennox customer service several times with no help. Fall was upon us in 2014 and so it was not used being used, so I stopped calling.

The following Spring/Summer we asked the out of business dealer to come several times and when he did he would always say the thermostat was fine and perhaps you need insulation added to the attic or new duct work. Even though when we had the previous a/c unit the neither the insulation NOR the venting was an issue. We went ahead that summer and added insulation but still did not reap any benefits. Numerous calls were never answered and the customer service finally reached a representative to come evaluate. He backed up the now out of business dealer and was no additional help.

Now we come to 2016 and we have the same issue with the temperature in the house being 80 when we set it on 73. Another Lennox dealer came out, who voiced being upset that we did not purchase the units from him, for 3 separate days, changed an orifice, added freon and charged us $305 for their labor. It cooled for about two weeks and then we had the problem again.

We have a neighbor who works on a/c units look at it and he put dye in the coil and found we had coil leaking. He said it needed replaced. We did not want the current town dealer to come out since he charged us parts and labor for something that should have been under warranty. Also, we found out about the class action lawsuit was on this coil, yet the original dealer installed it anyway and the second dealer never mentioned it either. Needless to say it has been replaced and now we want the cost reimbursed for what we had to give for the 2nd Lennox dealer and the new installation Customer service for this company is very very poor. The numerous calls made, I had to wait up to 45 minutes to get assistance.