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LG AC Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioning Repair / September 26, 2019

Worst experience when I bought the LG Portable AC Model 1111WXRY1 from local Home Depot on . Just one week before completing one year, the cooling stopped. I called LG Customer Service on when the unit was well within one year warranty. I was given name and number of a Technician. The technician came and measured the outflow air temperature and suggested that either Compressor is bad or Freon is out. I followed up with LG after few days on and I was told they have not heard anything from technician. Upon my calling Technician, I was told that he cannot fix the AC.

I talked to customer Service again on and gave all my information again and the Rep gave me same technician number despite my telling her that they are not ready to do repair work. Thereafter, I called twice on and my phone was disconnected. So, I went to the Home Depot from where I bought this unit. The manager at Home Depot was kind enough to call the LG Customer service on my behalf. He spoke to the Representative who promised that the technician will call next day and issue will be resolved. Nobody called me next day. When I called technician, I was told, not to call him again. Reluctantly, this piece is lying in my garage. I have all dates and time and the person who I speak to are available. I could not give my review earlier due to some family issues.

Source: www.consumeraffairs.com