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Air Conditioning Repair / January 21, 2018

What did you notice? The most important factors when comparing brands of HVAC systems should be:

Efficiency, Technology/Comfort, Warranty, History

Yet we are faced with some difficulty. These units all seem to be nearly the same. Do we need to reframe the understanding of "Best"? No, not really. In actuality, each of these units are very good, reliable, trustworthy brands. These companies have 100+ years of experience in manufacturing and they have each created a consistently solid product. Sure some older technicians could talk at length about specific years where coils tended to be more leaky etc. from certain manufacturers. Don't fret, technicians, marketers, and salesman, like to talk about many factors that usually boil down to minutia that does not make much difference for home owners/customers.

So you are a consumer. What should you do now?

Take note of several things. Choose a company who can provide a major brand of air conditioning. One of these three would work but there are others that work just as well. These brands even have sister brands much like the car industry. Think GMC and Chevy. Same truck different logo. There are some specific brands I would stray from but we will have to save that conversation for another time.

Ultimately, what matters most here aside from getting a baseline quality of equipment from a major manufacturer is to choose your HVAC contractor wisely. Manufacturers will even attest to this that the longevity and efficiency of their equipment is largely determined by the workmanship of the company who installs it.

Disclaimer: Yes, Mission Air Conditioning, is a dealer for Trane and Ruud NOT Carrier. Feel free to call me out if you think I'm being unfair would like to hear your opinion.

Disclaimer #2: If you are comparing the highest levels of efficiency then Brand DOES MATTER quite a bit. Moreso than with basic 13-16 SEER units.