Rv air conditioner repair manual

RV Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioning Repair / August 27, 2019

If you are a hands-on type of person with basic tool skills, there is no reason you cannot replace your old cooling unit with a new, more efficient rooftop AC unit. The whole replacement procedure doesn’t take very long to do, especially if you have a willing friend to help. The hardest part of the procedure is getting the old AC down and the new unit back up on the roof.

There are no special tools required for this job. Ordinary hand tools are all that is needed to quickly replace the old AC, with a new and more efficient unit. A basic knowledge of household electric wiring is required but there are only 3 wires to be connected in the entire process. So, if are you up for it, read on.

Removing the Old Air Conditioner

It is recommended that you protect the roof around the installation area with thick drop cloths or old blankets to protect the roof material against damage. This is especially important if the RV is an Airstream or other smooth metal roofed camper trailer which could be easily scratched or dented.

These cooling units are not especially heavy but they can cause damage if bumped or dropped on the camper roof.Also, be sure the roof will support your weight before clambering around on top of it. If you are not sure, it is best to use planks or plywood to distribute your weigh evenly on the rooftop.

Remove any old flashing or adhesives from around the base of the old air conditioner. Often there is quite a bit of this residue because of repeated coatings of the roof over the years to prevent leaks. A putty knife will come in handy on this job.

Unbolting and Removing the Old Unit

In most cases, four long bolts are all that holds the unit to the camper's rooftop. These bolts go up through a square bracket and thread into the rooftop unit itself. A thick rubber seal is compressed between the rooftop unit and the roof of the trailer or motorhome when the bolts are tightened. This seal ensures a watertight barrier against rainfall and humidity.

Remove the bolts with a wrench or socket and the ceiling flange should drop free. Depending on what kind of duct is used to connect the rooftop unit to the ceiling flange, unscrew or pull loose the ducting. The A/C unit is ready to be removed. After going back up onto the roof, it may be necessary to use a putty knife to loosen the rooftop unit from the roof surface.

Once it is loose, lift the old air conditioner out of the hole and remove it from the roof. Clean the surface of the roof well where the new seal will rest. A clean surface is imperative to prevent leaks. Old putty and adhesives may cause a leak in the new seal.

Correctly Placing the New Air Conditioner

With the shroud removed, transport the new air conditioning unit atop the camper and center it over the duct hole. It helps to have someone inside of the RV to help you get the unit centered correctly.

The rubber gasket on the bottom of the A/C should align with the 14”X 14” square ceiling hole almost perfectly. Check the installation instructions to be sure the ceiling assembly flange is turned the right way before threading the new bolts up into the unit.

Follow the instructions for your particular rooftop unit while tightening the retaining bolts. Some AC units, such as the Coleman unit illustrated here, have small tabs which contact the roof when the flange bolts are tightened properly.

This Coleman unit uses a flexible duct which attaches to the AC ceiling assembly by a small strip of adhesive. Remove the protective plastic from the adhesive strip and attach the flexible duct firmly into place. Cut off the excess flexible ducting before attaching the air filter cover.

Source: axleaddict.com