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All American Appliance Repair

Appliance Repairs / September 19, 2017

Saint Louis, MO 63130
(314) 721-8330

All American Appliance is the only appliance repair service we use. I was referred by a neighbor the first time the our built-in fridge went on the fritz. Vic knew the problem well and also knew the part was not replaceable. He told us how to get a rebuilt part and then came back and installed it after the new part was received. Perfect service. Another time I called Vic to come look at my freezer, but there was nothing wrong. He did, however, wonder why the top rack of my drawer freezer was screwed in so it wasn't removable. Said he'd never seen that before. He took the screws out so I could remove the drawers and then he helped me clean the back of the freezer that had previously been unreachable. I'd say that is above and beyond service and then I felt like I received something in return for my service charge.

All American Appliances has saved my life on multiple occasions! Their service, from the moment you call to the time of your appointment is awesome! They are friendly, timely and don't over-charge. I have used them for washing machines, refrigerators and other appliance, all with success. They even told me that I needed a replacement on the washing machine and didn't charge me. Excellent company!

I paid for icemaker repair it didn't work when I called back the technician is not available on Saturday so they scheduled Monday morning. Monday morning they cancel because the technician has personal issues off with no credit no other technicians. Owner has contacted me and sent out a new technician multiple trips. Seems electrical issue detected after calling manufacturer customer assist line. Still working on a resolution hoping new part is a success. We have Ice.

Needed ice maker fixed in our freezer. They replace the ice maker. Still no ice. They come back and find the water line to the ice maker is blocked. They try to replace the line but break a valve that feeds the line to the ice maker. They had to turn the water off to prevent leaking and order a replacement valve. The next day, the freezer and fridge are down because the freon tank broke while the guy was here and leaked out all the freon. They come back to seal the tank and refill it with freon. A week later, the fridge and freezer are down again. They also ordered the wrong replacement valve, so that isnt ready either. Overall it has been a few months and our fridge is in worse shape than when we started. They are also pretty rude on the phone and do not call you back when they say they will (e.x. when a part is in).

Had someone come check out my dishwasher that wasn't working. The problem was with the water pump and I was quoted at $299 to replace the pump. The part costs $100 and take less than an hour to fix. I do not trust places that over charge for items like that. To give perspective, to replace this dishwasher with its new counterpart would be $260. It seems that All-American's scheme is to get people to call them with the allure of "free service call if you spend over $60 on repair" and then they quote you a crazy amount for a repair, which in my case, I declined. Then you owe them $60 for a 30-minute visit. Rip off. I definitely would not recommend these guys.

We had an appointment window of 1-4 pm. I have been waiting at home. They called my husband and he was in a meeting. When he called back the receptionist was rude and our service person would not be coming since he did not answer the call. Too busy to treat your prospective customer with courtesy? No thanks!

I've had ups and downs with this provider. Overall, while some repairmen are better than others and while I have had to make the same repair multiple times within six months (parts warranty being only 100 days of course), I can say that the owner has done what he can to make it right, and for that I give him credit.