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American Appliance Repair Reviews

Appliance Repairs / November 2, 2017

10722 Arrow Rt
Ste 814
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(800) 640-9934

Awesome service. A bit on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for here. Werner was really cool, personable, and informative. I WILL use this company again.

Always honest. Always on time. Very dedicated to a satisfied customer. I had a broken ice maker. Another repair service charged me more then a new unit before I called American Appliance and Andrew came out to fix the ice maker right and install a new unit. I've been using American Ppliance for over 15 years.

I could not dial-in my desired temperature on the fridge built-in to my BBQ Island. One company sent a guy out who told me the fridge was working properly. Of course it was not. American Appliance was quick to respond to my house, isolated the problem quickly, and fixed the fridge after ordering the part. No complainys, great service, and friendly staff.

I hired American Appliance Repair to install the face plate for my Viking Dishwasher at a house my wife is flipping. After I peeled the blue plastic film off the face, there were multiple screws penetrating the face of the dishwasher. Now I cannot sell my house for the price I want and American Appliance Repair says they cannot fix it for eight weeks as its on backorder. I go to EBay and Google and find it in less than a minute. Warning: DO NOT USE THESE GUYS.

I called the main number because my Sub-Zero ice maker wasn't dispensing ice. They sent Andrew over literally 15 minutes later as he was already in the area. He was efficient, professional and fixed it right there on the spot. He put everything back neatly, tested the unit and ensured that it was working well. He even wiped up the floor where the ice had fallen. I highly recommend this company. You won't be disappointed!

Used American Appliance, the customer service to get you the appointment was great, the lady was very nice. But once you are in the hook, and pay, they treat you unprofessionally. The short fat guy was extremely rude (but let it go thinking maybe he had a bad day) and not smart enough to explain what went wrong and how he plans to fix. They charged $150 for a washer repair, broke within 5 days and won't honor anything not even a second look unless we pay them again. It's completely disappointing when you see companies in 2016 investing heavily on customer service and customer experience to maintain their competitive edge and sustainable growth, then you see a company like this that feeds on one-time services without any regard to customer satisfaction or return business. Stay Away!

This is as good as it gets with an appliance service company. They are knowledgeable, their pricing is fair, they arrive as scheduled and they do excellent work. They are experts on all appliances but they have kept my thirty year old subzero alive and running. They are the only company I will continue to call when I have an appliance problem.

This company needs to be called out. I have NEVER dealt with any company or repair service with such deplorable customer service as this. The women who answer the phones and schedule appointments are the rudest I've ever come across. I've used them twice before and let the rudness go, but today was unbelievable. This must be family owned, and the schedulers must all be from the same gene pool. The owners must be the parents and they forgot to teach the golden rule. The schedulers will lie about your appointment time, fail to notify the technicians, advise the technicians to "overcharge", and even today I was hung up on. Here's the bummer- the technician was awesome. He knew the drill, and he had been dealing with the same issues when he showed up in the customers homes. He heard the same thing all day about the rude office staff. Patrick was the technician, and he was worth the wait. If you have options- GO ELSEWHERE, CALL ANOTHER COMPANY, BUT DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY IN THE POCKETS OF THIS COMPANY. Shame on these people for the way they conduct business.

My dryer was Not drying a load in one cycle. I would have to dry my clothes 2-3 times to get them fully dried. I called american appliance to come and fix my dryer. American appliance repair guy came and replaced a part in my dryer. It took about 45 minutes and I was charged about $300 for the repair. My dryer was working great for about two weeks. Then the same thing happened my clothes where not drying in the first cycle so I called american appliance again they said it was another part we needed and it would cost about $300 more dollars. I was not happy. I declined I feel as I got ripped off the first time and then was trying to get ripped off the second time. I was referred to this company by my mother. I could have just bought a new dryer for this kind of money.

My family has been using American Appliance for years and they have never done us wrong. Now that I have my own place I call them for everything. They fixed my dryer 2 years ago and I just used them to repair my fridge. David was our tech and he is awesome. And the repairs are way more cost effective then buying a new appliance. Worth every penny and my repairs always last.

Dispatcher's would say one thing about tech's arrival, and tech would show up as much as 3 hrs later than I was told. Parts carried by tech was limited, and he had to make 3 separate trips to replace different parts every time.

I waited three days for a technician to fix my refrigerator. The day came and the technician called my house but I was on business call and I answered his message thirty minutes later. By that time they had cancelled my appointment and wanted to reschedule in four days. I talked to the supervisor there and she was unhelpful, so I cancelled their service. Bottom line: poor customer service, never again.

I love working with American Appliance. Scheduling an appt. is quick and simple, the techs are very knowledgeable and the office staff is professional and efficient, especially Lindy. Keep up the good work!

Well here goes, my first ever negative review. I called American Appliance Repair to fix a refrigerator that had the freezer section stop working. The receptionist on the phone was quite pleasant and scheduled the appointment relatively quickly. After over $300.00 in repairs they left. Less than one month after they fixed it, it failed. I called and they did come out a few days later and attempted to repair it again at no charge. Three weeks later it failed again! This happened on a Saturday, frustrated I went out and purchased a new refrigerator. I phoned them and told them what had happened and they offered me a $75.00 credit on any future repair! I have no plans on taking them up on this offer. Even a partial refund would of been acceptable. Instead I got two incorrect diagnosis with two failed repairs. Very disappointed.