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Appliance Repair Certification

Appliance Repairs / August 4, 2018

Unique and Up-to-Date
You’d be hard-pressed to find training as state-of-the-art as ours. The knowledge and skills you’ll learn are crucial to making every service call effortless, no matter the issue or appliance.

Online and Self-Paced
Train around your busy schedule, wherever there’s Internet, and know that you can take your time mastering the material. Our coursework is always there for you.

Interactive Help
Quizzes provide immediate feedback on where you’re kicking butt and where not. Our staff is also available to answer questions in our Student Forum and regular Office Hours.

Tech Resources
We also run Appliantology, the world’s largest community of appliance repair techs. Enrollment includes a membership discount to this invaluable resource for working techs.

After successfully completing a course, you are eligible for Master Samurai Tech Certification, which signals to employers and customers that you truly know your stuff.

Our students call this the best career investment they’ve made. We’re so confident you’ll agree, we offer a 10-day money back guarantee.