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Appliances Repair Charlottesville VA

Appliance Repairs / May 11, 2019

1202 E High St
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 295-6920

When critiquing a business it's not about the problems... all businesses have them. It's how they REACT to problems that is important. I had a good lesson in that with Davis recently. We had a large appliance fail that needed to be brought back to the shop for repair. No biggy. However, it sat there for weeks... and here is my one word of caution: if they take your appliance, make sure they know they have it! They are focused on in-home repairs and actually forgot my refrigerator was there! But, as I said, it's how they reacted that is important. Once we figure out the reason for the delay, Davis got on it right away and managed to get it back to us the next day (which happened to be the day before Thanksgiving). I've been using Davis for many years and will continue to do so.

Wow. That's all I can say. I booked an appointment for a technician to come repair refrigerator a week and a half ago. Arrival time was to be between 930 and 10am. When 10 o'clock arrived and I hadn't received a phone call letting me know he was on the way (which I was told would happen) or anything, I called Davis appliance. The man that answered told me the technician Cecil was not in yet quite frankly, he didn't know when he was going to be in or if he would be in at all due to the RAIN. Are you kidding me?!? So I said why didn't someone call and let me know this and the man was defensive and made excuse after excuse saying he doesn't even know if his employees coming in so how can he call me. I said "your employee not call his employer and let you know he when he will be in??" and he just continued to make excuses. It was totally bizarre. I said to him "I do not understand.." and he cut me off and said "well try to understand". There's no reason why someone could not of called me and told me the technician will not be here at said time. It was among the weirdest and most unprofessional experience I have had in a while. Too bad Gordon Ramsey only saves failing restaurants... this place needs help.

This place is great if you have an issue with your appliances! We had a really cold night and the water adapter piece broke on my washer due to freezing. I took a photo of the piece and the model number and they quickly pulled the part up and ordered it for next day delivery. The piece was a perfect fit and now I can wash my clothes again!

Extremely kind and helpful! The only appliance repair place that was truly willing to repair (or assist you in doing so yourself) rather than just sell a new appliance.

Notice the two other reviews were from people not from Virginia? One was good one was bad. I have used Davis Appliance on High Street for years. Tom is expert at finding your parts, and if you are a do it yourselfer they are happy to help you find something even though they won't get the service call. We even bought a washing machine from them rather than a larger home improvement type store because their prices were fair and we knew they would back the product.

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