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Appliance Repairs / September 7, 2016

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I am a little confused by the other reviews here but my experience was excellent! I made an appointment on line and showed up a little early. The staff went up and down the line saying we will be right with you, soft spoken very friendly. I showed my laptop with the cracked screen thinking I am going to have to replace the screen and it going to cost $$$$$. The staff person told me three options; all relating to turn around time and cost. At the end he said .. or I can disable the touchscreen and it will be fine. You could get a new computer later if you wanted but it will work fine. I said yes to disable. He did it in 3 minutes and said ok have a nice day. I said but what do I owe you? He smiled and said nothing.. that was no a big deal. I smiled said thank you and left a very happy customer. It's a rare thing nowadays to receive excellent customer service without having to pay something. Well done Geek Squad - I am a fan!

I bought the Geek Squad 5 year protection plan for my Samsung television in early 2015 and was feeling very smug when the television stopped working yesterday. So I contacted GS and it scheduled an appointment for today between 8 and noon. Then this morning I saw an email from "Precision Television" saying that it was happy I had chosen it for my repair but not to count on any appointment made by the GS. So, eventually I determined that (1) GS does not do repairs itself but subcontracts to independent firms, (2) GS cannot schedule any appointments - all are subject to the subcontracted firm, (3) at this point, no one at GS or Precision Television can tell me when I might have a repair appointment, but it seems that it will be weeks away, and (4) if you protest to Amanda at GS she will hang up on you. Don't waste your money on warranties that are not honored.

Wow what a complete waste of my time. This is the first time I wish I could rate a business with a negative. I had an 11:30am appointment today and brought my 42 inch TV in. They informed me they could either do a home repair the cost for the visit is $100.00 or they "might" be able to ship it out with a $35.00 deposit but the female clerk was not sure. So I say ok, since the TV is here can you ship it out? The clerk says I don't know but if we do it'll take 4-6 weeks. I said ok I am open to that...she said we'll you can leave it here with the deposit and we can let you know. WTH? So they can come to my house for $100.00 and do the repair there or give me an estimate but they can't fix it at the place of business...? I am at a loss. I have a few suggestions: 1) Train staff so they know if you can ship out an item for repair or not. How hard is that to give a yes or no answer...? 2) Better yet, do repairs on sight for TV's that can be carried in by one person. 3) Add a few questions to the on-line appointment process or add more info. informing people of your policies so other people like myself don't waste time. Honestly if I had known up front my only option was a house call for $100.00 I would have made that appointment. Now I will make it with another business since you have lost mine.

The Best Buy Geek Squad just wasted my day on an install appointment that they never showed up for. It took over 30 minutes to schedule the appointment which they apparently cancelled. When I called back today to find out where they were, they then put me on hold for another 30+ minutes to reschedule. I finally hung up. What a poor operation.

The employees are friendly, however, the service is very slow and inconvenient. They performed a diagnostic, and found I had a faulty hard drive. They had only very basic options for a hard drive, so I had to order and drop off a hard drive myself. During installation they noticed that I needed a different bracket size, so I had to buy a bracket from a 3rd party, then drop that off, and wait days more for my computer. Nearly any other computer repair service would be able to get the parts for you and install them. It should not take a week to put in a new hard drive...

Serious idiots here.. Took my computer in (waited 40 min until I got to talk to someone). It wasn't turning on and I had no idea why.. I brought in my charging adapter along with the computer and the "geek" proceeded to grab my computer, plug in the charger and press the power button (I told him it wouldn't turn on) he closed the computer and said he'd recommend getting a new one and that that one was "toast". I'm on vacation and my company software would have to be loaded on a new computer for me to do any work and that cannot happen so I told him I'd pay anything to have this one fixed. He said to just get a new one - it'd be cheaper than fixing this one. Since he was clearly not helping I asked for a referral for someone who could actually look at the computer. He said QES computers. Went there and it was just the power switch.. Cost $120 to get it fixed. QES called me within 30 min with the issue and the part was ordered. This "Geek" told me it would be over 1K to fix it - he must have gotten that accurate quote from plugging in the charger. Save your time, go to QES where they actually know what they are doing.

this place is a joke. they sent out a young kid that looked shady as could be. he came out to fix my mac and left it not working at all. I call to have them fix their mistake and they say i have to pay another fe. Are you kidding me? This place is a joke period don't waste you time here . Their just scooting out places to come back an robb it looked like

FANTASTIC! You cannot beat their car Audio Installers they are the best in the Tri Valley. Price in AMAZINGLY LOW Compared to where others will charge you.