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Appliance Repairs / January 26, 2017

My freezer stopped working on a Sunday afternoon and I needed someone to take a look at it quickly, before everything thawed out. I called 2 appliance repair companies that received strong reviews on YELP and left messages, as neither worked on Sunday. By 8:30 on Monday morning High Tech Appiance had contacted me, and we made an appointment for a technician to come out at 1:00pm that same day. The technician was punctual, quickly identified the issue as a theromstat problem, replaced it and had the freezer working within an hour. I coulden't have been more pleased with the service and highly recommend this company. The other appliance repair company that I contacted and left a message with never even called me back.

Why can't there be "zero" stars? Appointment made weeks in advance (PM appointment) under my fridge's warranty. No reminder call prior, but the morning of, a technician calls and says he's five minutes away. Well...I'm at work, so... I remind him the appt was for the afternoon, so he comes then. Says he has to order a part, then graffitis the inside of my fridge with their sh*tty company name and number. No call back...ever. I call three times (thanks for the marking of my territory) over the course of the next month, VM is "full" and cannot take messages. On the fourth call over a month later, I get through. The technician says "I don't know what happened. Can I come today?" I say sure. Five minutes later, same tech calls "Sorry man, I'm really busy today. Like, really busy. Any chance we can reschedule to sometime next week?" I relent, just glad to get a response. He responds, "Okay, I'll call next week and we'll do it then." Again, no call that week. I call back and leave two messages before I finally get someone to pick up on the third call. "Shit, sorry man. I'll contact a tech and get something figured out." Three days later and no call, I take the step AGAIN to call. VM. I finally tell them if they can't do it or don't want to, just let me know. No response, so I called the warranty office again, related my anger and they have since rescheduled me with another company. If you like your sanity or legitimate, hard working people, do NOT use this repair service for anything. Nothing. They would make a Tibetan Monk want to go out and kick a puppy (God forbid).

Awful. Made an appointment to fix our washer. They never showed up. Called to ask what was going on and they said they would call us back. We called several times to ask what happened and never got a response. The person on the phone was very impolite and seemed like he did not care to help.

I made an appointment two weeks in advance to have a service technician arrive at my house between 8:00 AM and noon. The service tech was to call about 1/2 hour before he/she arrived. By 11:50 AM the service technician never called. I called the company to find out when or if the service technician was going to show up. Then the service technician called saying he would be there in 15 minutes.when showed up he didn't do any work on the appliance. he basically charged me a service fee of $100.00 and left saying he would call when he had the parts.

Had an appointment with this company through KitchenAid. They did not call to confirm the appointment (as per KitchenAid's instruction) so I called to confirm. The man who answered the phone said "I'll call you right back". Two hours later - no call. They ended up not showing up for their 12 - 5pm appointment. Now that I see many people are having their substandard service, I'm rather glad they didn't show up to fix our dishwasher.

ZERO star. Or even negative 5 stars. Horrible service. I don't usually write reviews online but this was absolutely the worst experience so I have to let everyone know. First of all, they were late for their appointment, I called/left message but did NOT call me back for ETA. Then finally the grumpy guy(Peter) came to fix our washer with no introduction himself at the door.(he parked on the ally so I told him to move but he didn't listen.) He saw our washer and immediately said"I can't fix this today. You need to take dryer down before I take a look at it. You have to reschedule." I was surprised and said no such a information from anyone. "I don't know warranty people should have told you." No apologies nothing and left. I don't know why these people are still in business.I never wanna pay penny to support this kind a people. Seriously don't use them.

Downgrading to 1 star since there's no 0 star option. We told Whirlpool they'd disappeared into the ether and they worked their magic and we somehow got another appointment, which they actually made. But, they ordered the wrong part, so back the tech went. Several weeks later and not only do they not answer their phone, but the voicemail is full, so there you go. Even Whirlpool gave up on them and arranged for a different repair shop, so beware, avoid these folks like they have the Ebola.

NEVER hire this company!!! There should be a "zero" rating! The only decent thing about this experience was the kind tech. Our appliance issue was never...

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