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Appliance Repairs / May 8, 2020

Mister Sparky Electrical Services in Dallas“The electrician that came was the most professional guy I’ve ever had work in my house. Very nice and very generous. He gave me some advice– I was having issues with some outlets–and it was great. Every time he walked in, he put those little booties on his shoes. I’ve referred them to other people already, and I’d definitely call them back.”

Mr. A.S.

“It was excellent. This guy did an excellent job. Give the highest marks possible–he went that far with it. They did a breaker panel, so he did all the wiring for that. He was excellent.”

Ms. N.I.

“The work went great; it was the installation of an outside electrical outlet. The gentleman who performed the work was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. I can’t say enough positive things about their abilities to do the work and the quality of the work. It was superb; I’d give them the highest rating.”

Mrs. G.W.

“We were 100 percent happy with Mister Sparky. I had them inspect our system, and they repaired a bunch of bad electrical work we’d had done in the past. Wiring had to be redone, including our stove. The electrician also put in a new electrical panel, because it was sparking. They’re an A+. I couldn’t give them a better recommendation.”

Mr. A.P.

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