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Appliance Repairs / June 3, 2021

We called them directly to get the blade fixed on the dish washer. We were very specific. When the tech came out he didn't even look in the dishwasher. He attached his machine to the dishwasher and ended up telling me it would be better off if we got a new motor on the dishwasher. We were very specific about the blade and were not going to accept the conclusion of what he recommended and what the price would have been if we had replaced the entire motor. The service call alone was going to be 80.00 which I thought wasn't right because we were very specific in what we needed and wanted and they totally ignored our needs. I asked to speak to the owner because I didn't think it was right what had happened, the service tech called the owner on his phone and the owner immediately started to threaten taking me to collections over the $80 service fee for a 15 min look at my dishwasher which the tech didn't even do what we asked. Then the owner told the tech that he wanted me to call him on his work line because he preferred speaking to clients on that line and when I did, his reeptionist (wife) told me he wasn't there and began arguing and screaming at me. I feel that it was his intention never to speak to me after he had gotten off the service tech's phone. I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy!

- Michele K.

The technitian arrived on time. He was curtious, covered his shoes with shoe covers each time he enter and left the house to come and go to his truck. The technition offered maintentance tips to avoid damaging the components again due to power surges caused by the user/owner. Very knowledgable technition. His is an asset to his company. I would definitely use this company again.

- Mike J.

  • The salesman (Provider name locked. ) at Appliance Smart recommended Provider name locked. to replace my Kitchenaid dishwasher silverware basket. As Provider name locked. stated, the low price was found online at their site. I ordered the silverware basket on Friday morning and paid for standard shipping. To my amazement, the silverware basket was delivered the very next morning-a Saturday!! It is a factory part, made in the U.S.A. Needless to say, I am very pleased!