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AC Repair Fort Myers

Car Ac Repair / August 29, 2016

If you do not maintain your air conditioner system regularly then it would be more prone to debris and biological growth and affect the cooling of your home. A/C systems require annual maintenance and upgrades so they can perform all year long without the slightest hitch. The technicians of Bruno Air know exactly what it takes to keep you and your family safe, healthy and comfortable. Our expert technicians would provide you with the most cost-effective service by performing a 51 point check which would detect all the problems with your AC machine. When you keep your cooling system maintained and serviced regularly then it is sure to run smoothly and efficiently for many years to come.

Facts about central air conditioning systems in Fort Myers, Florida

Replacing or buying a new HVAC system requires a bit of research. You have to look out for the best ac manufacturers when it comes to air cons, furnaces, and heat pumps. Very few consumers have the ability to pick the right, type, quality, and brand for their homes. Most clients end up buying an oversized air conditioner or low-quality types without knowing. We have competent technicians who can guide you through the process. The fact that this often proves to be an unplanned expense only execrates the situation.

  1. HVAC Doesn’t Cool Your House. Well, at least not in the way you think. Central cooling systems are primarily designed to remove heat from the house. This is what cools the house down. It doesn’t possess an internal unit that automatically lowers the temperature. Besides this, it also cleans the indoor air and humidity. This happens as the air moves through the duct then through a filter installed in the HVAC system. A proper HVAC is efficiently designed to cool the house, cleans the air and humidifies the home during the searing summer heat.
  2. A Medical Doctor Invented It. Dr. John Gorrie who created the first version of the HVAC was a doctor. In 1842 he built a machine that could make ice for use by his patients. This proved very useful for residents of Florida. Later on, he experimented with the idea of using the ice machine to cool homes and commercial properties. Nine years later in 1851 he received a patent for the HVAC design. He would die in 1854 broke after losing out on the financial investors.
  3. Proper Insulation Helps. It’s never enough to install an efficient air conditioning unit. You need to complement it with good energy use and insulation. Proper ventilation and insulation are known to increase home efficiency by up to 30%. Proper ventilation can be built into the original home design, or it can be refitted once the home is done. While at it make sure that all air leaks are sealed. Otherwise, the HVAC system won’t be as efficient in heating or cooling the home.
  4. Standard for HVAC. The gold standard for HVACs is 36% relative humidity at 14.7 psia and 68F. The gold standard for HVACs is also the world Air standard. The PSIA stands for pounds per square inch absolute. The item that alters the resistance as temperature changes is called a thermistor. This device alerts the thermostat to adjust its readings relative to the surrounding temperature. During summer most offices sued to take a 2-month long break. More than 50% of the economic growth is indirectly credited to the invention of the HVAC.