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Car Ac Repair / October 7, 2017

Mike with Hagerman Services was referred to me by an associate of his to give a quote on replacing my 23 year old central air system. Normally, I wouldn’t hear of using a new a/c company because the company that originally installed my unit was still servicing it and had already given a fair quote to replace the units and I believe in loyalty to good service. Hagerman Services gave a better price on a larger unit and added an additional vent. When it was time to begin the installation on the new unit, Mike asked the million dollar question. DO YOU HAVE ALLERGIES? I replied yes, after telling him to look around my house at the three (3) air purifiers equally a grand total of 2500.00. He went on to explain that the present unit was installed to pull fresh air (that circulated throughout my house) from the attic. Yes, the attic. He strongly believed that it was not helping my allergies. He went on to say that once the new unit is in service that I will notice an improvement with my allergies and if I did not, I should call him back out. Well, I did. It is now four months later, and my daughter and I are only taking allergy medication as maintenance because we still live in Louisiana. I said all of the above because Mike with Hagerman Services was professional, honest, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt, he often arrived early. He is also bilingual. On several occasions he assisted me with translation with other contractors. I would recommend Hagerman Services to anyone needing a/c services. As I stated before, I believe in loyalty to good service, therefore I know I will be a lifelong customer.