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Recent Requests for Home Air Conditioning Repair Services in Odessa, Florida:

Project Location: Odessa, FL 33556

Equipment Age: 11 - 15 years

Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

Desired Completion Date: More than 2 weeks

After Business Hours: No

Covered by Insurance: No

Property Owner: Yes

Problem description: Not enough cooling anywhere

Equipment Age: Don't Know

Desired Completion Date: Today

Comment: Would like a quote for a 5 ton unit thermostat, air handler and condenser installed. Have current unit that is being removed.

Desired Completion Date: Within 24 hours

Comment: overflow drip pan

Date: 03/2017

Is this an emergency?: No

Request Stage: Ready to Hire

Comment: AC not working. Need rec

Problem description: Annual maintenance

Equipment Age: Less than 5 years

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

Date: 02/2017

What is the nature of this project?: Repair or service central air conditioning system

Date: 01/2017

Is this an emergency?: Yes

Problem description: Unit not running

Comment: Need an estimate and service today my a/c air is out -central air. notworking call asaap.

Date: 09/2016

Problem description: Leaking

Desired Completion Date: Immediately

After Business Hours: Yes

Comment: I am selling my home. The buyers inspector came in and said there may be an issue with the A/C. Our A/C is fine and my regular A/C guy is out of town. They have an A/C inspector coming in at 1:oo Friday. I need someone to come out in the morning before they get there to do a general service. The A/C temp going into return is 75 and coming out of vents at 60 (I have an infer red thermometer). Inspector said there was water build up by the filter. Told buyer we need to get fixed as it can cause MOLD over time. I have some choice words for that guy but I will keep it clean. I have had 2 inspectors so far, this is the third. All others have stated the A/C is in great condition for 15 years old... Long story short, I need someone out first thing in the morning to double check. May just be drain clogged for all I know... Please help!!! I feel like my buyers are playing games. Thanks Dave xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

Date: 08/2016

Desired Completion Date: 1 - 2 weeks

Comment: Clean air handler. Determine repairs needed. Give me

Desired Completion Date: Within 1 week

Comment: I need a quote to inspect hvac system to male sure its ok

Date: 07/2016

Comment: Need an estimate service as soon as possibe no cold air blowing from central a/c

Problem description: Not enough cooling anywhere, Leaking

Select the type of heating system(s) you are currently using. (Check all that apply): Electric fired forced air (central heating)

Equipment Age: 5 - 10 years

Comment: I would like an estimate on getting my central air system serviced

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