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Car Ac Repair / May 21, 2019

I called for regular maintenance on my hvac system late June of this year. I got an appointment for early July. The serviceman called to ask, if he could come by a day early. His uniform had the name Commander Air on it. Yet, it was dirty. His shirt was hanging out of his pants I understanding though. I know that in his line of work that things are dirty. He checked my unit out inside for a very short time and outside for a very very very long time. He said that my capacitor needed to be replaced. I figured, "why not". I paid him after the work was done. He sat in my driveway for a very very very long time. My unit worked fine for 5 days. Then the blower went out. I called Commander Air and told them. Before the serviceman left on the 2nd of July, he said that my unit was looking good three times. My hvoc wasn't cooling though on 9 July '15. When the servicemen came by from Commander Air again, I was told that I needed a part, the blower, that would cost a little over $600 to replace. I couldn't believe the sudden need for a new blower. I've only used the unit for a few years. i've never had to had anything replaced or worked on until now. I went to Commander Air. The VP of the Company explained to me that he had worked on HVACs before. He said that he replaced a part in someone's system. Then later on that day he got a call to go back and replace another part. I talked with two other local hvac repairmen who indicated that the blower was out and needed to replaced also. So there was no way around my need for a new blower. I went ahead and had Commander Air to come back out again. I had to take off another day from work for this. I spent a week in my home without the hvac working properly. The VP said that I didn't have to pay the $75.00 diagnostic fee again. This time though the gentlemen were efficient and brief. Maybe Commander Air wasn't trying to railroad me. Something within me kept saying the blower replacement wasn't necessary. This wasn't true. I wonder why the blower needed to be replaced though. Had the first guy not carefully done his job? Maybe he should have turned off the electricity at the fusebox. He didn't ask where it was. If you go to their place of business on New Warrington, you'll be impressed with their small but clean operation. The VP talked with me quite a while. I was hoping that he was going to offer at least a discount on the blower. No, I still had to pay full price for it. Sure, it was a bad experience i.e.bearing the hot temperatures, asking my boss for the time off (I had to explain why), the estimates from two other hvac service companies, and paying $555, when I really wasn't affording it. Yet, it was also a learning experience for me as unpleasant as it was.