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The most common problems people have are no dial tone or static on the line. We have provided a Troubleshooting Quick Reference Guide for your Telephone Service that provides a step-by-step guide to performing both inside and outside test on your phone lines as well as some quick tests to do before calling for service. By performing these quick tests you will help us send the right technician; in fact you may not need a technician at all.

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What should I do if I have no dial tone on one or all of my telephones?

No Dial Tone on ONE phone:

It is likely that the problem is caused by telephone equipment failure. Disconnect the non-working phone and plug it into a wall jack that has a working telephone connected. If you still do not hear a dial tone after moving the phone, the problem is most likely in the telephone you unplugged. If you've elected the AT&T Telephone Protection Plan, AT&T will repair your telephone at no charge.

If you hear dial tone after moving the telephone it means that the problem is most likely in your jack or wiring to the jack. If you choose to contact AT&T please mention that you have already tried an "unplug" test. And, if you have the AT&T Inside Wire Maintenance Plan, AT&T will repair your inside wiring and wall jacks at no additional charge. If you do not currently subscribe to this plan you may incur a service charge for repairs performed by a qualified AT&T technician.

No Dial Tone on ALL phones:

These instructions may help you fix the problem yourself. Following these instructions first can help you better understand where the source of your trouble resides.

Testing at the NID: (if you are uncomfortable performing this test, skip to the "Unplug Test")

The NID is usually attached to an outside wall in single-family homes, or in an indoor panel for apartments.

  1. Open the NID box. .
  2. Remove the modular plug from the test jack. .
  3. Plug a working phone into the test jack. .
  4. Attempt to place a call.