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Car Ac Repair / May 14, 2021

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Expert HVAC Repair

It’s hot in Austin, and when your air conditioner doesn’t work, you feel it! The experts at Lamb’s use EPA approved equipment to properly service and handle the materials in your vehicle’s HVAC system. We offer complete air conditioning diagnostic service and provide premium repair packages, using environment-friendly refrigerant and quality components. Plus, all HVAC repairs at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive carry a nationwide warranty.

Complete Services for Your HVAC System

Checking the radiator antifreezeRepairing your HVAC system doesn’t stop at making sure your air conditioner works properly. We offer a range of services including: recovering any old refrigerant, evacuating the system, inspecting and adjusting the drive belt tension, cleaning condenser fins and filling your system with the required amount of refrigerant. We check output temperate, antifreeze, and proper opreation of controls, blower motor and cooling fan. We’ll inspect your system for leaks and run tests for pressure levels and compressor operation.

HVAC System Warning Signs

Don’t hesitate if you think something is wrong with your HVAC system. If your A/C system doesn’t cool properly, your fan/blower doesn’t work, you hear loud noises when you turn your A/C on, or your vehicle stalls roughly or runs hot and overheats when you turn on or use the A/C, bring your car in today. Other signs to watch for include: water on your vehicle’s floor or rugs, unusual odors from interior vents, faulty dash controls, or malfunctioning heater, vents or defroster.