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2787 E Southlake Blvd
Ste 110
Southlake, TX 76092
(817) 421-2131

The battery they installed works perfectly. No problems. I stopped by 13 Feb 17 to ask if they couldn't fix an old iPod that is 13 years old. Sentimental I be! I had bought a new battery for it thinking that was the issue. They looked at it, tested it as best they could and said that it was not possible to fix, probably due to a bad hard drive. Such a nice young man. No charge, too. This is my second experience w this business that was overwhelmingly positive w nice people. Highly recommend.

Brought my phone in today around 5:45pm and asked for a quote. They are running a special - through 1/15/2017 - so it was $79 to fix my iPhone 6's shattered screen. They had it done in just 30 minutes and it looks great!! The guys were friendly and professional! Will recommend to all my friends and def worth checking out!

Fix it fast was a lifesaver and I am forever grateful to this place. The only pictures and videos of my daughter's birth was on my phone. My screen messed up and the thought of losing these pictures made me physically ill. Apple wouldn't help, another company wanted to charge us between $700 - $2000, but fix it fast was able to do a temporary screen so we could retrieve all our pictures and videos before the phone crashed. They only charged us $50. Not only did they save us money, they helped us retrieve the most important pictures we've ever taken. I am so beyond grateful for this place.

Service wasn't bad at all. I've used their service 3 times. Once for my wife's iPhone and twice for my daughter's iPhone. The 3rd time my daughter's phone needed repair, I decided to do it myself. After taking it apart, I discovered that Fix it Fast left out 4 of the screws when putting the phone back together. Not sure if it was the 1st or 2nd time, but they have been the only company that has worked on the phone. For this reason, I rated them lower.

Still fast, reasonable and great work. This time it was a cracked iPhone screen. The staff is nice and it's easy to do business here.

My phone was 'searching' a signal for a day and a half. Went to the Apple Store and AT&T and the only solution they provided was a replacement or a new phone. Tried many other options for a fix and nothing was helping. I have only had the phone for less than 2 years and it has been in mint condition. Decided to try this place since it was close to the Apple Store and the guy fixed it up for us in less than 1/2 hour, in what seemed like an easy fix!!! We were so sure Apple and AT&T were just trying to make some money, and they sure would have if we had given in. Give this store a try before you pay too much for nothing. Service was quick, friendly and genuine. Thank you!

Brought in my smashed iPhone 6s and it was fixed in about 30 minutes. Awesome job and thank you kindly.

I went there to get my iPhone 6's screen replaced. The screen had been completely shattered. They did an excellent job of replacing the screen as well as straightening out the bend in my iPhone. I can't give them five stars for two reasons: 1. I gave them a number to call when my phone was fixed. Over an hour and a half had passed by the time I gave them a call and they had told me my phone had been ready for some time. 2. When I arrived, I expected them to tell me the damage that had been caused, so I asked and the answer was vague. All they told me was that the screen was replaced and that the phone was hammered a bit to be put back into place. Since the shattering/bending, my phone has been turning off/going dead at battery percentages like 8% and 26%. I believe the store would score better for customer service if the sales pro explained to the customer what the damage was and what was done to fix it. There seems to be a lack of communication between the technicians and sales pros.

So far so good on the new screen for the 6s. It ain't cheap, but that's what you get for a two month old phone. Good customer service and a very quick turn-around on the screen replacement. We did price other places and prices here were comparable to other shops in the area

They replaced my phones cracked screen & my daughters phone battery. They also installed screen protectors on both phones. It was 2 separate visits, & each time it only took an hour. I would recommend coming here for phone repairs.

These folks are awesome!!! The are fast and guarantee their work.

Great service! Phone battery for Galaxy S5 was dead. Omar charged the battery to discover it wasn't a bad battery as Sprint said it was .. it was just super dead. Thank you Omar for helping us today. Definitely recommend bringing your cell phones here. Honest good guys!

My I phone screen was complete lying shattered and Fix It Fast was able to repair my phone within 45 min! The service was great and my phone looks brand new!

We replaced the cracked screen on our daughter's Iphone 6 and it looks like new. They did a great job and were very fast. Hopefully we never have to go back, but if so this would be the place to go!

Had a broken 6plus screen, Apple wouldn't fix it because there was a dent in the corner of my phone where I dropped it. They wanted me to buy a new phone. I brought it here, it was expensive $129 plus tax but a new phone at Apple was going to be 400 so I went for it. It took a bit longer than an hour and the phone works great. Hope I don't need them again but I will return if I do.