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Car Ac Repair / August 6, 2020

I purchased this Diesel 20KW Home Protector Generator RD020 in Nov 2014 and had nothing but problems. The Controller went out 5 or 6 times over an 18 month period and it took Generac 2 weeks to 3 months to repair each time. What good is it to have a backup if it keeps going out and it takes 2 weeks to 3 months to repair! After complaining to The Better Business BBB in Wisconsin, and after approximately 18 months, The Resolution Specialist (Who lacked any Customer Service) informed me that Generac would swap out the Generator with a brand new one and the option (Which is what I wanted) to refund my money and pick up the generator was not an option. The swap took place 29 Aug 2016 (Almost 5 months) and as of present, there have been no problems, Knock on wood.

1 Major reason I wanted to get a full refund and for Generac to remove this stress machine from my property is the fact that if anything goes wrong, they drag their feet to send the authorized dealer a part and the time it takes to repair which defeats the purpose in owning their product as by the time it is repaired, the crisis is over. 2 Weeks to 2 months to repair a product such as this is unacceptable and what is even more unacceptable is their resolution specialist who has no customer service skills whatsoever. I do not recommend anyone buying this product simply because of the length of time it took to repair it and the derogatory poor customer service of the resolution specialist.

Oh, also, The CIO is not accessible, nor anyone else at the executive level which sends a message to me that Generac does not care about listening to customers with legitimate complaints, especially after they have sold their defective products to them. We will see how this product does. Rest assured I will be back on this site and also to the BBB.

Source: www.consumeraffairs.com