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Car Ac Repair / August 14, 2018

EXTON PA hvacThe Exton Square Mall and Main Street Exton, along with several other shopping centers, make Exton the major shopping district in Chester County. Exton lies at the intersection of U.S. Route 30 (formerly the Lancaster Road, and later the Lincoln Highway) and PA Route 100 (Pottstown Pike). In the late 18th century, the Lancaster Road became a major transportation route between Philadelphia and the west, while what is now Route 100 was a regional north-south route to Pottstown. A theory exists that Exton was named as the “X” on the map, denoting this intersection, though more likely the village was named after one of the several Extons in the United Kingdom.

At ServiceMark, we make sure our customer comes first, and it has been the core of our business for over six decades. Homeowners in Exton, PA have trusted our expertise in resolving all of their Exton Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing needs. From fixing leaky faucets to heating, air conditioning and water heater maintenance and installation to energy audits and weatherization services, ServiceMark is your single resource in providing Exton HVAC whole-home solutions.

Not only do we pride ourselves on going an extra mile for our customer and provide 100% Satisfaction, but we also feel driven to give back to the Exton community. The ServiceMark Community Support Team can be seen sponsoring local little leagues, 5K runs, festivals and other charity-driven events.

Choose one of ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing services in Exton, PA and discover for yourself why others believe our SERVICE is right on the MARK for their home comfort and safety needs:

Heating Service and Installation in Exton, PA

Why spend another long Exton, PA winter shivering – keep your home warm, safe and cozy with ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing servicing and repairs of your heating equipment. Feel a sense of relaxation knowing our highly skilled Exton HVAC staff will repair, service and maintain any brand and type of heating equipment, including gas, steam, oil, electric, propane – even geothermal systems!

A great place to begin is a ServiceMark Exton heater tune up, to help extend the heating equipment life and ensure it’s operating at peak performance and safest levels. With our expert Exton tune up services, you can avoid costly service calls and save energy dollars!

Source: servicemarksolutions.com