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Lowes Repair Service

Car Ac Repair / January 4, 2020

Check your owner’s manual. If your appliance is still relatively new, your warranty should cover replacement of major parts. Replacement parts are usually available for at least 10 years after the appliance was manufactured. Remember that your warranty may treat parts and labor costs differently.

Get an expert on the phone. Contact Lowe's or your appliance manufacturer’s customer care center. You can find the manufacturer's number in the owner’s manual or online. They’ll help diagnose your problem and lead you in the right direction.

Figure out the cost of repair. If your appliance is relatively new, replacing a part may work better than buying a new appliance. However, if the cost is more than half the purchase price, you should consider replacing the unit. How long will the repair extend the life of the unit?

Compare it to the cost of a new appliance. Many of today’s models are more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Purchasing an energy efficient appliance may save you money in the long run, and help the environment.