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Small Engine Repair Service

Car Ac Repair / December 24, 2020

Larry's Small Engine Repair, LLC in NW Houston/Cypress, TX is a locally owned and operated company that provides high quality and affordable repairs on small engines, 2 & 4-cycle engines, lawn mowers, chain saws, blowers, trimmers and Portable Generators.
We perform Small Engine Repairs for Lawn Mowers, chainsaws, blowers, trimmers, portable generators and etc.Welcome to Larry's Small Engine Repair, LLC in Houston TX 77065.
I take business by appointment only because I operate my business with the thought that it is better to turn business away rather than take in more than I can do in a resonable amount of time which separates me from my competion. I prefer a call in advance to determine if your issue is worth the time and effort to fix it, so there will be no hard feelings if it there are unknown issues that need addressing. If you have attempted to repair it and it still does not work then I will charge accordingly because in most cases most people cause other problems and makes my job more difficult.
My hours of operation are set but I will try to accommodate someone that wants to drop off or pick up an item. The reason for that is because I have set here time and time again waiting for someone that is a no-show and does not even have the courtesy to call and tell me they will not be able to keep the appointment.


Established in 2011.

Without any warning my career at ExxonMobil abruptly came to an end after 25 yrs., so I decided to pursue converting my hobby into a full/part-time business doing what I have always really enjoyed doing all of my life (working on motorcycles), a hobby that led to a small engine & lawn mower repair business. I was not ready to retire but I like to stay busy and so having my own service business that takes pride in its work is very demanding but satisfying.

Meet the Business Owner

For the first 20 years of my working career I worked as a Machinist/tool & die maker and decided to go back to school so I could advance my career. I was offered a job at ExxonMobil's Research Center as a Mechanical Designer/Senior Technical Associate for 25 years and received the Exxon Mobil Presidential Award in 2011 for work achievements & accomplishments. I designed down-hole tools and processes that ExxonMobil received patents on and I am waiting on a fourth one to be issued although I am retired.