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Car Air Conditioning / March 5, 2021

You probably don't realize how much you rely on your air conditioning compressor until it's gone. A pivotal part of your air conditioning system, your A/C compressor provides critical cool air on hot days. Without your air conditioning compressor, you and your passengers are in for an extremely stuffy and very uncomfortable ride. Fortunately, AutoZone carries a number of air conditioning compressor replacements, specifically made for your vehicle, so you can have your faulty AC compressor fixed in no time.

Your vehicle's air conditioning compressor is a vital component - your AC unit doesn't work without it, after all. The first step of the A/C compressor process occurs when the highly pressurized liquid refrigerant transforms to a gas and is circulated into tubes, where the heat from the gas is quickly released. This process causes the gas to cool.

The cool gas then reverts back into liquid form as it returns to the compressor. The cool gas is used to chill the vehicle's cabin air, at the convenient touch of a button or twist of a knob. The easiest way to tell that your air compressor isn't working is simple - there isn't any cool air coming out. When the compressor stops pushing refrigerant through the system, you're left with a hot cabin and a visit to AutoZone.

AutoZone offers air conditioning compressors for a wide range of vehicles, including a Honda Accord A/C compressor and an air conditioner compressor for Grand Cherokee SUVs. Stop by your local AutoZone and ask an AutoZoner how to improve the quality of your air conditioning compressor or order online and receive Free Shipping on purchases of $75 or more.