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Car Air Conditioning / July 2, 2014

Air Conditioning Parts – AC Compressors, AC Kits, Condensers, Evaporators & More

Once considered a luxury – AC was an option for most new car purchases up to the 1970s and 1980s – air conditioning is now considered an essential operating system for all cars on the road. Driving without AC is considered unbearable in many parts of the United States.

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All of our air conditioning parts are manufactured to perform as well as their original factory base component. And that means that, no matter how hot it gets outside, your car stays cool inside – plus, you’ll save plenty of money with If you do your own AC repair or replacement projects, you’ll also avoid super-pricy labor expenses. But even if you just want to save on an AC compressor, AC kit or other air conditioning component, we’re your #1 AC parts outlet. Many of our customers purchase auto air conditioner parts and give them to their local mechanic. Either way – parts & labor or simply parts– you’ll enjoy terrific savings.

A Brief History of Automobile Air Conditioning

So where did air conditioning for cars originate? Over a hundred years ago, AC was the last thing on auto makers’ minds. Simply manufacturing automobiles for the masses at relatively affordable prices was an accomplishment in itself. All the “modern conveniences” we take for granted today – power steering, heated seats, Bluetooth audio, navigation, tire pressure monitoring, and yes, air conditioning – were still a long way from becoming a reality.

But after a few decades, two things happened to automobiles that required automakers to consider air conditioning.

  • They became more widespread. Essentially, cars migrated from their northern (Detroit and other rust belt cities) roots to other areas in the United States, including the hot & dry southwest and the steamy south.
  • A closed cabin design became popular. The first vehicles were open air, so air conditioning wasn’t even a possibility during the 1910s through the 1930s. But as cars became larger, safer and better-equipped to handle families, the first thoughts of car AC were born – and with it, a revolutionary new system was about to change the way we viewed cars forever.