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Car Air Conditioning / March 26, 2016

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Houston, TX 77018
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Here it is 2016 with both Neil and Tyson keeping that old truck cool in formidable Houston heat. Tyson recharged the freon in the spring which lasted until late August - family member took it to a local auto repair in the woodlands who quoted $900 to replace parts - then took it to Neil's and the repair was $175 and did NOT need the part replaced at all - blows cold air ! Thanks again for keeping this old truck cool. Plus saving owner more than $700 !! Honesty means everything ! And repair prices beat all the competition. Always worth the drive to Houston!

Took my 2000 Honda Accord up to this place.. Picked it up!!! AC BLOWS COLD A** F*** now... lol.. But seriously!! They good people and quick too.. This is the only place that I will ever go too! Thanks...

Dedicated to this area of car repairs. Very honest and fair priced. Honda Pilot 2011, first time ever with a problem, dealership saying they need to replace evaporator and hoses estimated in $1200. Neil found a hole in a hose. Work half day getting the hose out and replacing it. Charged $350 approximately. Freezing cold again. Will recommend this place anytime.

If you want honest, no nonsense ac service, this is the place to go. They fixed my ac & even refilled my freon for just $80, all in under 30 minutes!

Took my Acura TL different places and all they do is refill the cooling... this guys diagnose the issue real quick for a reasonable price..

Loved the service! When Lexus Sterling McCall were asking $3, 000 to fix my car A/C, Neil's auto fixed it in 5' with $60!!! Highly recommended!

Both my husband's car and my car's A/C went out in the same week over the summer. It was miserable. We took it to a mechanic and who gave us a quote for both cars. My husband just needed a recharge ($125 not including seals) and mine was a full blown expensive project ($1600). Hesitant to pay that much, I found Neil. Neil is an honest A/C repairman who fixed both cars at a fraction of the original estimate ($125 for the recharge and new seals and $1075 for my project). Hopefully we won't have additional A/C trouble in the future but I know who to take it to if I do (and he gave us a one year warranty too). Skip the bigger companies and go to this awesome small business owner who knows his stuff.

Neil, you charged my white Honda civic yesterday. It did the trick. I do appreciate your work ethic. This is the second time I have come to you with this car. Good job.