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Car Air Conditioning / October 10, 2020

starter-motor-and-alternatorIn today’s new cars, mechanical components are often being replaced by electrical systems. This means that cars are more comfortable and secure – but they are also much more complex.

When an electrical component fails, it takes an auto electrical repair expert to diagnose and fix the fault. United Car Care uses qualified technicians for electrical repairs and for servicing and repairs to auto air conditioning systems in a wide range of vehicles.

Your car’s air conditioning system works hard to keep you and your passengers comfortable in Brisbane’s climate. To ensure optimum comfort and fuel efficiency your auto air conditioning system should be regularly serviced. Servicing typically includes checking the refrigerant gas and the filter/receiver/drier and if necessary, refilling with refrigerant and replacing the filter/receiver/drier. Between service visits, if you hear odd noises from your air conditioning system, find that the climate within your car is less cold than usual, or notice other signs that there may be a fault, it’s important to have the problem diagnosed and repaired without delay. United Car Care’s qualified technicians are licensed to carry out re-gassing and repairs to auto air conditioning systems in a wide range of vehicles.

We are confident that we provide Brisbane’s motorists with high-quality car care services at reasonable prices. Email or call us to ask for an obligation-free quote, or to book in your car for an auto air conditioning service or automobile electrical repair.