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Car air conditioning Cairns

Car Air Conditioning / January 31, 2019

WE COME TO YOU. Looking for a reliable mobile auto electrician in Cairns? Or a mobile auto electrician for solar power? Then contact Raleigh’s Mobile Auto Electrics in Cairns. More info

Excellent Service
Duncan Walker posted this on

When you receive exceptional service I believe it is your duty to recommend that services to others. I set out from Townsville in a brand new car attached to a 2nd hand caravan. The auto electrician in Townsville that I entrusted to set up the towing electrics managed to miss two vital connections. The fridge did not run on DC while we traveled and the caravan battery did not charge. Upon arriving in Cairns I bought some new floor mats at Cheap Auto and asked for a recommendation for an auto electrician. I was told that Ben from Raleigh's Mobile Auto Electrics was who I needed. A quick call and 30 minutes later, Ben turned up in a sensationally equipped vehicle, knew exactly what was needed, did the work in less than an hour and we were on our way without being stung with a hefty bill. I was totally impressed by his professionalism, courtesy, customer service and technical skill. I cannot recommend him highly enough. So if you need any auto electrics in the Cairns area, then Ben is your man.