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Car air conditioning prices

Car Air Conditioning / December 22, 2017

This is the conclusion of a 3 part article about the air conditioning system of vehicles. Even though most vehicles produced today are equipped with air conditioning it is still a luxury option. It is not needed for the operation of a vehicle.

In the first article we discussed the process of an air conditioning inspection which is checking the operation of the compressor, it’s clutch and belt, checking the high and low pressures of the system while operating, check proper control panel operation, checking heater blower fan and engine cooling fan for operation, check for restrictions in the system, check for proper air flow through the condenser and evaporator, checking for obvious leaks. This inspection can take anywhere between ½ to an 1 hour of labor time, depending on the specific make and model of vehicle and how easy it is to access the location of the air conditioning components.

If the freon/refrigerant is determined to be low and the leak is not obvious then dye needs to be added to the system along with more freon to pressurize and operate the system properly. Depending upon whether a few ounces are added or a complete evacuation and recharge with freon and dye are suggested the price can vary. Freon is charged by the ounce and a vehicle can hold anywhere from about 14 ounces up to 48 ounces in some of the older vehicles. So you can be into a top off for as little as $50.00 again depending on how much freon/refrigerant is used and what type R-12 is substantially more expensive. A complete evacuation and recharge of a system with dye added takes about an hour and ½ of labor along with the dye and refrigerant needed and can range from about $180.00 to over $300.00 again depending on how much freon/refrigerant and the type is needed. R-134 is the standard in vehicles produced starting in 1994 and it one-third the price of R-12 that was used in vehicles produced prior to 1994.

Source: allaboutautomotive.com