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Car air conditioning Vents

Car Air Conditioning / February 10, 2017

Monica Dorsett might live in Florida, but she isn’t opening her car’s air conditioning vents for a while, she says.

The Venice, Fla. resident “almost crashed her car” when she was driving down the highway last Friday, after a snake began crawling out of the air conditioning vent to the left of the steering wheel, her daughter Kristina wrote on Twitter.

Dorsett did what any reasonable driver would do when she saw the snake inches from her hand — scream and try to get out of the car as quickly as possible, she later told Fox 35 Orlando.

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“I looked and I didn't see anybody in [the passenger side] mirror so I did a right turn over two lanes into a parking lot, ” Dorsett told the station. She “slammed it in reverse, undid my belt and rolled out of the car as fast as I could.”

After she got out of the car, Dorsett took photos of the snake slithering out over the hinge of the driver’s door of her white car as proof, which her daughter posted to Twitter.

But the snake — and the surprise that accompanied it — was short-lived. Shortly after the photo was taken, the snake began crawling back into the vent, Dorsett said.

“I'm an animal lover and I would have never killed it on purpose, ” Dorsett, who owns three cats and a dog, told Fox 35.