Car AC Recharge, Mobile Car Air Conditioning Regas in the UK

Mobile car air conditioning Regas

Car Air Conditioning / May 13, 2020

Air conditioningThere is nothing worse than your car air-conditioning not cooling in the summer & not heating up in the winter.
Car air-conditioning services are simple & cost effective on most vehicles if you do it regularly. Your air-conditioning service will check the air-conditioning drive belt, check refrigerant system pressure, check for any leaks, check the vent temperature & carry out a diagnostic scan on the air-conditioning system & AC regas.

Your car air conditioning system loses up to approximately 20% of its refrigerant (Air-conditioning gas) each year & should be checked every two years or when you have a problem to avoid a AC repair.

A failing air-conditioning system can cause high fuel consumption, insufficient cooling & you may have a possible leak. If you want to prevent any air-conditioning repairs then book in for an AC service or AC regas.

All our Air-conditioning technicians are trained in and hold an approved filler and or approved Handler Test Certificates. Hometune also offers an air-conditioning regas top up service, this may not necessarily fix all air-conditioning leaks or faults as it is only a top up. This can be topped up by a Hometune technician at the same time as servicing your vehicle or you can book this top up service.

If you prefer convenience try our Mobile Air-conditioning Service. Your place or ours 7 days a week.

If you are in the MT Eden area come to the Hometune Service & Diagnosis Centre next to the train station for your Air Conditioning service, diagnosis or AC repair. You are welcome to park and ride to work.