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Refill air conditioning car

Car Air Conditioning / December 7, 2018

What issues can I run into trying to recharge my A/C refrigerant myself?

The most common DIY problem is overfilling oil, under or overcharging refrigerant and installing the virus that are sealants.

What equipment do I need to do it safely?

Gloves and safety glasses. The PAG oil used is not good for humans and the gas can cause frostbite.

What issues are there with sealants?

Sealants rarely work well if at all. They can plug critical parts such as expansion devices or heat exchangers.

Should I get a refill that contains compressor oil?

No, the oil amount is set during build and it impossible to know how much is might have been lost. Overfilling reduces system performance and under filling will destroy the compressor.

Would I be better off just paying a shop to do it?


There are two key issues that make this a non-DIY job. A high vacuum must be pulled on the system to ensure that every last bit of air is out. And the refrigerant must be carefully weighed during installation. A few ounces over or under can significantly affect system performance. The DIY install systems only show one of the available pressure readings and in any case charge amount cannot be determined from pressure readings.

Source: mechanics.stackexchange.com